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Whats New

  This page is no longer maintained regularly.  Inventory & prices are still updated daily.


6/15/03 A lot of Star Wars CCG added - Way too many to list - all sets

5/21/03 A lot of Magic Revised added - Braingeyser, Birds of Paradise, Force of Nature, Fork, Wrath of God, Dual Lands, etc.

5/16/03 Several new Star Wars in Limited, A New Hope, and Hoth - Devastator, Blizzard Scout 1, Blizzard 1, Stalker, Tyrant, Bacta Tank, etc.

4/7/03 We'll be starting to reinventory all Magic over the next week or so.  Price updated!

3/28/03 Pokemon clearance begins on ebay.  Should take several weeks.  Check it out here.

2/20/03 A lot of Cloud City added and prices almost cut in half.  Also, a few Premier, ObiWan, Darth Vader, etc.. 

2/19/03 Almost one full set of Reflections II - Including box toppers and Darth Vader (Japanese) case topper.

2/18/03 Over one full set of Tatooine & a lot of Death Star II

2/17/03 A lot of Star Wars Reflections added - Slave 1, Darth Vader, General Veers, Millenium Flacon, R2-D2, Son of Skywalker, etc.

1/31/03 A few Star Wars added - Tyrant, Princess Leia Organa, Deactivate the Shield Generator, Foil Ewok Village, Chewbacca of Kashyyyk, Obi-Wan Kenobi, etc.

1/1/03 We're beginning the move new server and changing the look of our site.  It may take a few weeks to iron out all the kinks - broken links, etc. 

11/20/02 A few star wars and magic - Taiga, General Solo, Tempest 1, etc.

11/9/02 A few Star Wars - Boba Fett, 4 Lom, Bossk, Dengar, etc

11/6/02 A few Magic - 14 Revised Duals, Karplusan Forest, Zuran Orb, Mox Pearl, etc.

11/3/02 A few Star Wars - Death Star Trench, Hit and Run, Besieged, SW4 Ion Cannon, etc.

11/3/02 A few Magic - Archangel, City of Brass, Opal Archangel, Angelic Chorus, Angelic Voice, White Knight, Serra Angel, Crusade, Righteousness

10/15/02 A few Magic - Plateau, Birds of Paradise, Shivan Dragon, etc.

8/7/02 Several Star Wars - Darth Vader Limited, Brainiac, Chewbacca of Kashyyk, Threeio, Daughter of Skywalker, XWing Assault Squadron, etc

7/4/02 A lot of Pokemon - mostly promos

6/3/02 A bunch of DUAL LANDS, Howling Mine, Desolation Giant, Sol Ring, Shivan Dragon, etc.

6/1/02 Misc Star Wars added.   Death Star Assault Squadron, Blizzard 1, Obi Wan's Cape, Ephant Mon, EV9d9, Landing Claw, Vader's Cape, etc.

6/1/02 Misc Pokemon FOILS added.  Charizard, Blastoise, Venusar, Chansey, Togetic, Metal Energy, etc.

5/28/02 Over one full set of Visions added

3/3/02 Gym Heroes 1st Edition added to online singels. 

2/2/02 Apacolypse added to online singles. Over 2 full sets 

2/2/02 Lots of Magic singles added. From Arabian Nights to Urza's Saga. Dual Lands, Mana Drain, Underworld Dreams, Time Warp, City of Brass, Sol Ring, Shivan Dragon, Fork, Ivory Tower, Preacher, Maxe of Ith, Armegeddon, Serra Angel, Might of Oaks, Sliver Queen, etc. 

1/12/02 Lots of Star Wars singles added. Vengence, Vader's Personal Shuttle, Tempest Scouts, General Solo, C3PO, Leia Organa, etc. 

10/20/01 A ton of magic singles added. From Alpha to Planeshift. 9/30/01 More magic added. A bunch of Alpha/Beta commons and uncommons and Planeshift foils. 

9/27/01 More magic added. Over 200 rares and 50+ uncommons. 

9/24/01 More magic added. Duals, Aether Rift, Rootwater Thief, Overburden, Infernal Genius, Rising Waters, Seismic Mage, etc. 

8/21/01 More magic added. Dual Lands, Demonic Tutor, Sliver Queen, City of Brass, Flying Men, Pain lands, Over 1 full set of alliances, etc. 

8/19/01 More magic added. Plateau, Lord of Atlantis, Vesuvan Doppleganger, Royal Assassin, Shivan Dragon, Two Headed Dragon, etc. 

8/19/01 A ton of magic singles added. Dual Lands, Rishadan Port, Mox Emerald, Shivan Dragon, Fork, Lord of the Pit, etc. 

7/28/01 Over 100 Legends added and 75 Antiquities. 

7/26/01 A few misc star wars singles added. Kitik Keedkak, Vader's Custom Tie, Vader's Lightsaber, Dark Jedi Lightsaber, Disarm, Jedi Presence, Brainiac, Red 5, etc. 

7/16/01 A lot of Magic singles added. Thalakos Lowlands, Armegeddon, Mox Diamond, Relentless Assault, Maze of Ith, Ill Gotten Gains, Yawgmoths WIll, Eastern Paladin, Crater Helion, Royal Assassin, Ball Lightning (Signed), Brushland, Adarkar Wastes, Karplusan Forest, Sulfurous Springs, Underground River, Icy Manipulator, Jester's Mask and Cap, Enduring Renewal, Winter Orb, Nevinyrral's Disk, Ivory Tower, Lord of the Pit, Demonic Tutor, Wheel of Fortune, Juggernaut, Nalathni Dragon 

7/2/01 A few Magic singles added. Sol Ring, Hypnotic Specter, Swords to Plowshares, Scroll Rack The Rack (Antiquities), Blood Moon, Sands of Time, Magma Mine, Phyrexian Marauder, Sliver Queen, Urza's Avenger Nova Pentacle, Land's Edge, Land Tax, Field of Dreams, Deflection, Seraph, Blinking Spirit, Shivan Dragon, Birds of Paradise, Nightmare, Lord of the Pit, Nevinyrral's Disk, Millstone, Jester's Cap, Brushland, etc 

6/24/01 A few Magic singles added. Dual lands, Chaos Orb, Chain Lightning, Armageddon, etc. 

6/10/01 Over 1 full set of Magic 6th Edition added to online singles. 

6/1/01 Over 3 full sets of Magic Planeshift added to online singles 

5/10/01 A few Magic singles added. Dual lands, Will O Wisp, Armageddon, etc. 

5/1/01 Pokemon Prices cut below half on Basic Unlimited, Jungle Unlimited, and Fossil Unlimited, and Base Set 2. 4/19/01 PokemonGym Heroes add to Online Singels 

3/11/01 Pokemon Neo Genesis Unlimited added to online singles 3/10/01 Pokemon Promo sets added. Neo 1 & 2, and Pikachu World Collection. 

3/10/01 A few Magic singles added. Utopia Trees, Serra Angels, etc. 

3/7/01 Planeshift auction is scheduled to begin Saturday 3/10/01 

3/3/01 A lot of Magic singles added. Invasion foils, duals,Hanna Ship Navigator, Captain Sissay, Tsabo Tavoc, Obliterate, Callous Giant, Mages Contest, Distorting Wake, Planar Portal, Covetous Dragon, Powder Keg, Oracle enVec, Cateran Slaver, Collective Unconscious, Spontaneous Generation, Null Rod, Tithe, Slivers, Earthquake, Lord of the Pit, Veteran Brawlers, Ivory Mask, Parallax Wave, Ring of Maruf, Alpha Disintigrate, etc... 

2/18/01 Check out our EBAY auctions. 

2/16/01 A lot of Antiquities added. Yawgmoth Demon, Urza's Miter, Tetravus, Tawnos's Coffin, Strip Mines, Mishra Factory, Millstone, Feldon's Cane, Dwarven Weaponsmith, Bronze Tablet, Argothian Archaeologist. 

1/27/01 A lot of Magic singles added. 73 Beta commons and uncommons, Alpha Icy Manipulator, Flying Men, Rukh Egg, Distorting Wake, Thicket Elemental, Sinkhole, etc. 

1/20/01 A lot of Magic singles added. Nevinyrrals Disk, Armageddon, Kezzerdrix, Mongrel Pack, Winds of Wrath, Maze of Ith, Eternal Flame, Frankenstein's Monster, Blinking Spirit, Millstone, Zombie Master, Will O The Wisp, Sorceress Queen, Leviathan, Kismet, etc.... 

1/19/01 A lot of Magic singles added. 45 Alpha/Beta, 25 Antiquities, 18 Arabian Nights, Juggernaut, Nightmare, Prodical Sorcerer, Strip Mine, Sinkhole, Desert, Rukh Egg, Flying Men, Swords to Plowshares, Wheel of Fortune, Shivan Dragon, Goblin King, Stasis, Lord of the Pit, Demonic Horde, Helm of Obedience, Celestial Dawn, Meditate, Nevinyrral's Disk, etc.... 

1/17/01 A lot of Magic Legends added. 

1/13/01 A ton of Pokemon added. Over 200 promos, Mew, Mewto, Charizard, +40 holos, etc. 

1/11/01 Several misc Magic singles added. 47 Alpha and 38 Betas, 45 Mercadian Masques rares, Nightmare, Royal Assassin, Dual Lands,Desertion, Volrath's Stronghold, Sinkhole, Mishras Factory, Shivan Dragon, Mox, etc... 

1/5/01 Several misc Magic singles added. Helm of Possession, Coffin Queen, Magnetic Web, Mana Severance, Meditate, Second Chance, No Quarter, Palinchron, Dream Halls, Equilibrium, Mind over Matter, etc. 1/5/01 Several misc Magic singles added. Wildfire, Time Spiral, Purging Scythe, Oppression, Metrognome, Karn Sliver Golem, Bullwark, Barrin's Codex, Quicksand, Force of Will, Helm of Obedience, Lake of the Dead, Regrowth, Swords to Plowshares, verduran Enchantress, a few betas and antiquities, etc. 

1/2/01 Several misc Magic singles added. Alexi Zephyr Mage, Army of Allah, Rathi Dragon, Pearl Dragon, Yawgmoth Bargain, Foil Seismic Mage, a few Betas including Time Vault.